Alex Lo was the classmate that I interviewed this week in ART 110. Alex is a second year here at CSULB and is a kinesiology major.  He graduated from San Gabriel high school and one thing he likes to do in his free time is weight lift. We both share a love for weight lifting and before we even started a conversation, I have a feeling we both knew this about each other. Alex says he initially was a body builder but now he is more interested in becoming stronger. To do this, Alex started powerlifting which consists of lifting very heavy weight for very few reps. His eating habits are typical of someone who is fitness enthusiast; chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli, etc. As an interesting fact, Alex rides a hot pink colored penny board to get around school. He finds it very convenient.

I had asked him what art was to him and he replied by saying that it was a “form of expression that comes in different styles”. As a follow-up I asked Alex what type of art form would he choose if he wanted to make it his hobby/career. He said that he would choose dance.

Alex and I did not have much time to talk to one another but because we had similar interests it was fairly easy to get to know him. Anyone could tell that either were fitness junkies because of the limited amount of topics we had to talk about during our interview of each other. It was a pleasure getting to know Alex.


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