This week, I chose to write about an art piece made by Evan Trine. Trine uses photography and printmakers to alter paintings. The goal in these pieces is to alter the image such that the viewer is confused about his/her opinion. I, myself, must admit that I was rather frustrated and confused while looking at this piece. From the get-go I had no idea what the painting was and all I saw were bright colors and it seemed to be just a picture taken with an infrared lens. From the time I looked at it, to the time I left the gallery, I had no idea what the piece was about. Then after reading the “Artist Statement” on the GLAMFA website, I could make out an actual picture behind all the colors. I still do not know exactly what the painting is, but I would like to say that it is a parking structure. I am absolutely sure that it is a building, but do not take my word for it. I can confidently say that Evan Trine had achieved what he has been striving for, which was/is “to create a contemplative experience for the viewer – one that is sparked by tension and confusion”. 


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