Week 3 Classmate Interview: Kevin Pham

This week I interviewed Kevin Pham. Kevin is a third year at CSULB and is a Computer Engineering Major. He lives in Fountain Valley and commutes to school. Currently, Kevin is 19 years old. Kevin enjoys bodyboarding, lifting weights, and playing basketball. I asked Kevin why he wanted to be a Computer Engineer and he replied that his mom was an Electrical Engineer and ever since he was little he took a great interest in anything in the engineering field. Kevin estimates that he bodyboards at least three times a week and he loves the ocean. He says you can either find him at the beach, school, work, or the gym.

Kevin currently works at a electronic cigarette  shop in Santa Ana called Underground Vapors. He enjoys helping people trying to quit smoking cigarettes and cigars and turn them into a more healthy alternative. I asked him about what he thought about the laws and health warnings being labeled against electronic cigarettes. He replied that most of the testing done is conducted at ridiculous levels that no person would ever try. Officials are just trying to make it seem as worst as possible to outlaw electronic cigarettes.


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