Week 4 Artist Conversation: Jeannette Viveros

Jeannette Viveros was the one piece of art that caught my attention to its fullest. The first thing I noticed was the “Utterly Pink”-ness of this room. Second, I noticed the fish hooks and immediately thought of spongebob. To those who get this reference, thank you for understanding. However, spongebob was not the reference for this piece. In fact the over-shadowing idea for this piece was that the color pink was what defined a female. In modern culture, this is what people are shown to believe, through media and people’s opinions. Viveros however, feels uncomfortable and somewhat irritated that a simple color is what is defining the word feminine. Stereotypes are being created every day and I feel that this piece was a good example of the types of things people are making assumptions of. For example, if a man were to wear the color pink, someone might think that this man is more feminine than others. Some might think that this is not the case and would say that pink looks fine on men. However, the sad truth is that there ARE people who think that if a male wears pink it makes them slightly more female. I loved the shadowing theme of this piece. It sheds light on the thoughts of some shallow people.


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