Week4 Activity: Plaster Casting

This week’s activity was plaster casting. I have never done plaster casting before so this week was an exciting week for me. I was confused when the project was first introduced because we were told to go to the beach. At first I was kind of annoyed because I had to go to the beach on a saturday when I could have done something else. Although going to the beach is nice, I am the type of person that would rather do something else on a Saturday. When I went to the beach, I went with a good friend of mine who is also in the class, Tyler Hirata and another classmate who I had just met on Tuesday, Bowas Yang. We had brought a replacement for plaster because the hardware store we went to did not carry regular plaster. Unfortunately, the three of us neglected to read the instructions and found that this plaster required 1 part water for every 4 parts plaster. Regular plaster requires 1 part water for every 2 parts plaster. We did the latter… Therefore, we re-did the process following the instructions written on the box and the result came out well. By a stroke of luck, the previous plaster casts that we made with 1 part water and 2 part plaster also came out well! It simply took some more time for it to harden.

From this activity, I noticed that art can be made from just about anything and can be made from just about anywhere. You just need some creativity and a willingness to follow instructions.


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