Week 6: Artist interview – Maggie Freed and Yee Li

Unfortunately, my phone fell in some water last week and I lost all information regarding the artist I interviewed for week 6 so I am interviewing two artists from week 7 and putting one artist into the week 6 slot.

This particular gallery was a collaboration of two separate artists by the names of Maggie Freed and Yee Li. These pieces were the most familiar to me as I walked through the four galleries. Whenever I took an art class in elementary school or middle school, this was the type of art I was introduced to. Thus, it brought forth some nostalgia. As many people were asking the artists about their works, they mentioned something interesting. They said that although they might have control of the brush, the paintings paint themselves. It may sound confusing at first but after some thought I realized that it was profound. Yes, the artists paint the pictures, but the painting itself decides, what goes well with what, or what concept it should have. It amazes me how artists can think in this way and then portray those thoughts into a painting. This method has gone on for centuries and not many people understand the thought processes of the artist.


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