Week 7: Activity – Painting

This week I spray painted my name in bubble letters, or at least I tried to make it in bubble letters. The spray paint I used was not the greatest brand, so the white color could only be visible if I shot the paint point-blank onto the surface area. Interestingly, as I neared the end of the painting, the white gave a nice touch to the blue and made it look as though it were covered in snow or ice. Unfortunately, I do not have my smart phone anymore so the picture quality is absolutely terrible and it does not do my effort, any justice… Although the project was relatively difficult, it was fun to do. The only downside was that I had to spend money on the spray paint and it took some time to complete. I was interested in the 90 minute movie regarding spray painting and the different meanings each graffiti art has.  Every person had a reason they were tagging. One person said it best when they mentioned that taggers, tag because they just want people to know they exist. Not to vandalize or piss people off. They want people to see that they have a gift even if it costs them their lives. That is the kind of impact graffiti art has and that is what caught my interest in this weeks activity.


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