Week 7: Artist interview – Daniel Rivera

When I walked into the room I saw this video playing and I was very much confused as I was intrigued. My friend came in with me and wondered how other people must have felt while watching them film this video. It brought some relief to the thoughts running through my mind. It did not help that these two people ended up dancing in the video. It just made things more complicated, in my mind. Daniel Rivera had a particular concept in mind when he made this video. He had the dancers wear his clothing and the type of clothing made it seem as though they were just wrapped in some curtains. However, the movements of the dancers made the clothing seem more natural. I have noticed, more recently than before, that art does not have to be something still. It also does not have to be on a canvas, a piece of paper, or on the wall. It can be a motion-picture, which is what Daniel did with his art piece.


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