Week 7: Classmate interview – Mimi Ly

This week I interviewed, fellow classmate, Mimi Ly. Unfortunately, Mimi was quite busy so there was not much time to talk and have a long conversation. Mimi is currently a freshman here at CSULB and is a psychology major. She tells me she is from La Quinta high school and that her favorite food is sushi. Which is interesting because when I first met her, which was long before this interview, the first thing she asked my friend, Kevin, and I was “Want to get Korean barbeque?” I was shocked and confused at this because we had just met and she was asking to go eat with us. After that first encounter I assumed her favorite food was KBBQ. Apparently not. She seems to be a “go-getter,” not afraid to put herself out there and certainly not afraid to put others out there. From what I have noticed, she likes to put me on the spot by bringing all the late classmates, who do not have people to interview, over to me…  I do not understand this when she surrounds herself with many people during this time and I am not included in the “many people.” Nonetheless, it was nice talking to Mimi and hopefully she will not be as busy the next time we end up having a chat.


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