Week 8: Classmate Interview – Celine Phan

This week I interviewed Celine Phan. She is a first year at CSULB and is a Bio major. She was interested in becoming a veterinarian ever since she was a child. From what she tells me, she has two dogs at home, a chihuahua and a maltese. She works at Zero Italian Ice because she loves ice cream! We actually both share a love for thrifty’s ice cream. Although she wants to become a veterinarian she tells me she is struggling with Chem which is a class that she must take. Who doesn’t hate science? She mentioned that she was taking this course for a GE requirement but she has slightly taken an interest in art. Especially how such weird things could be considered art. She also hates scary movies; says she would get nightmares for weeks after watching one… We talked about many random things as you can tell. It was great getting to know Celine and hopefully we continue to stay in touch after this semester!

She didn’t want to get a photo taken with her full body in the shot so you can see her kind of walking backwards in the photo…


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