Week 9: Artist Interview – Noura Kaddoura

2014-10-23 11.03.04

This weeks art that stuck out to me was the piece called “River and Tree of Life” by Noura Kaddoura. As a christian this piece really caught my eye. Biblically, scripture says the apple that Adam and Eve ate was not the only fruit in the Garden of Eden. That single apple and the cross, which also was not in the Garden of Eden, in the painting made me curious. I am not criticizing the work by pointing out such a detail about the painting but I can only assume that the emphasis was on that single apple. I do not know what was running through the Kaddoura’s mind when drawing this so there is not much I can judge off the bat. However, I do feel a rather uncomfortable feeling because this painting does not reflect what the bible says. In an art perspective, it is a wonderful piece. I really did enjoy looking at it. I am merely throwing in my two cents. I did appreciate this painting more, I noticed, because it was related to christianity. I can see how, now, how art can really bring about emotions within a person.


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