Week 9: Classmate Interview – Kylie Hazehara

This week I interviewed Kylie Hazehara. She interviewed me a couple weeks ago but I did not have a chance to talk to her, as I was interviewing Rachel Peng at the time. So, I finally had the chance to speak with her this week! Kylie is a first year at CSULB and is undeclared but wants to become a PA (physician’s assistant) major. She is a mix of Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino. As most asian parents want, her parents wanted to become one of the “big 3” majors, engineer, lawyer or doctor, Kylie had interests of her own. She decided that the any of those 3 was not what she wanted to do in the future. Kylie is a foodie; someone who loves eating food as much as she loves taking pictures of those foods. This can be considered a hobby but she also says she likes to read. However, with her busy schedule she has not been able to read as often as she could before college. The foods she loves the most are sushi, KBBQ, boba, hot pot and tacos from taco trucks. Her favorite fish to eat is salmon and hamachi. Interestingly, as a teenager, she used to do BMX! Her dad pushed her into it because her family was into BMX. However, she does not BMX now because she is not as interested.  It was great getting to know Kylie and it is clear that she has many sides to her life but those are things better left for another story and time.


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