Week 10: Classmate Interview – Marie Mendez

This week I had the privilege of interviewing fellow classmate and third year, Marie Mendez. Marie is still undeclared, like I am, and is debating between child development and rec and leisure. Marie loves working with children and she works at an afterschool daycare. As a result of telling me that she loves working with children, I proceeded to ask her how many children she would like to have in her future and she said three with a girl being her first child. Marie is an active person. She likes to go hiking, to the beach or just hanging out with her friends. She also likes playing soccer and says she played in high school. Marie was so good, in fact, that she had received a scholarship for soccer but she did not accept it because at the time she felt that she wanted to move on from soccer. But, now she explains that she misses it very much. As a fun fact she boasts that she was able to juggle the soccer ball two-hundred times. She tells me that she is often times underestimated or judged by her “cover.” Not many people would think her to be an artistic or creative person but Marie tells me she likes how creative art can be and has always liked art. She even told me that her mom used to tell her she would make things related to art, all the time as a young girl. It was a pleasure getting to know Marie and I hope we get to talk more in the future.


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