Week 10: Landscapes with a Corpse

In this project, I basically took a picture of myself, dead. It was a super quick shot, but when it was taken, I found it quite hard to decide how to lay there in order to look like I was actually dead. If you look at the picture it kind of of just looks like I am sleeping. With the pillows, the blanket and what-not. Besides that, this picture lacked any real props to make this picture really look believable but the oddly placed pillows and the remote control thrown next to me seem like they could point to my death; maybe. I’ve always imagined what it would be like for someone to die in their own living room. You always see it in movies but you never really see it happen for real. We see home as some place safe. It is a safe haven for a lot of young children and even young adults but things like this can happen and it was interesting to think about what would I do if I were to see someone lying on the floor dead in their own home.


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