Week 12: Activity Feedback

My three favorite activities were plastercasting, spray painting, the one where we chose our own activity. The reason I liked these activities were that they were all hands on activities. I liked being able to do something related to art rather than taking photos or going somewhere to simply look at art. The three activities were customizing my wordpress, landscapes, and, believe it or not, spraypainting. Landscapes and wordpress did not make any sense to me I had no idea how to get started. With soraypainting, yes I liked it but I did not like the fact that I had to spend money to get full credit on a project. The class was pretty chill. There was not much demanded from us other than spending time out of our week to go to a beach to complete tasks. Other than that I did learn to appreciate art more. I think giving students an alternative to activities like spraypainting or plastercasting would make the class a little more stress free. For example for spray painting our names in bubble letters could have been drawing and coloring in with pencils and crayons or markers. People that are not that into art might not want to spend time and money on a class that makes them feel as if that is the only way to get a good grade. Just a suggestion.

Overall art 110 was a time to relax and just have a good time with friends for me. So there is not much else for me to say. Thanks for a great semester glenn.


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