Week 12: Activity – Teach One

For this activity I want to teach how to draw a disney character such as Olaf from Frozen. I actually remember drawing this at Disneyland and I thought I would try my best to teach how to draw him. It was actually more difficult than I thought because at Disneyland, all I had to do was copy the instructor. Actually doing it by hand and off memory was a lot harder. It goes to show that drawing art is much more than just looking at something and being able to imitate it but it is more about how you draw things and make things your own. I found it difficult because I was trying to remember how a certain person was drawing Olaf, which was the purpose of the teaching but if I had really wanted to make that drawing mine, I would have added touches of my own and it would have been easier to make an actual piece that looks normal rather than something as shown in the cover photo.


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