Week 12: Classmate Interview – Tyler Hirata

This week I interviewed Tyler Hirata. Tyler is currently a 3rd year in CSULB. He tells me one of his hobbies is photography and when I saw some of his pieces I was amazed. It was really interesting to see the shots he made, they were very well thought out in terms of placement and camera angling. Tyler is a leader of a christian club on campus and I could tell he has a pure faith in God. Another one of Tyler’s hobbies is to shoot airsoft guns in his backyard. I have never actually shot one but I have shot an actual gun at a gun range and it was quite thrilling. Tyler says he usually enjoys hanging out with friends and I could tell that he is a social and outgoing person. Tyler seems to have many sides to him and it was a great pleasure getting to know him. I believe Tyler was one of the few people during this class that I was truly comfortable talking to.


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