Week 13: Classmate Interview – Lindsey Karasawa

This week I had the pleasure of meeting second year, Lindsey Karasawa. Just from first impression, I could tell she is social and outgoing. Most people that I have talked to so far, have been somewhat awkward (not to offend anyone). However, it was fairly easy to talk to Lindsey. She is a nutrition and dietetics major at CSULB and says that she has always had a passion for picking foods, mainly because she was very picky as a child. Learning what each foods can do for the human body actually got her interested in the science behind food. This occurred in high school. As well as wanting to know about healthy foods, she likes fitness as well. She played high school basketball up until senior year in high school when she then dropped it because she did not feel like playing that year. I asked her how she felt about her current classes in college, she said they are very time consuming. Lindsey has two jobs outside of school. One as a receptionist at an optometrist and the other at an insurance company. Having to juggle two jobs and school is difficult but as far as I could see, she could handle it. However, because of her busy schedule she does not have much time to herself. But when she does get her rare chances for down time, she says she likes to hang out with her friends. As far as her career is concerned she says she wants to go into the clinical aspect of nutrition, for example, how certain foods can better ones health and she says she would also like to work with kids nutrition and health in the future as well. As a random fact, Lindsey has two siblings; a younger brother, age 16, and younger sister, age 14.


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