Week 15: Artist Interview – Hyeri Kim

This week I looked at the piece Hyeri Kim put together. It was titled, “His Extravagant Proposal.” As a christian I immediately thought of Jesus. Interestingly that was what this piece was about; God’s love for us and His wedding with us in the future. I always admired artists that could portray their religious beliefs into something as professional as art. I always worried that if I were to express my religious opinions in something that I love to do, it would be looked down upon. It was nice to see christianity so plainly displayed out in the open with confidence. This piece encouraged me because I knew what Hyeri Kim’s message was; what she wanted people to understand. I feel that Hyeri wanted people to know that God is and will always be our greatest and first love. It is hard to feel this without actually reading what the piece was about which what I did when I looked around the room. After reading it I could really understand Kim’s heart and I wish I had the chance to speak with her but she did not seem to be at the table during the time that I was walking around the room. However, I appreciate this week’s art gallery much more that any others.


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