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I am currently 20 years old, going to school at CSULB.

Week 15: Artist Interview – Hyeri Kim

This week I looked at the piece Hyeri Kim put together. It was titled, “His Extravagant Proposal.” As a christian I immediately thought of Jesus. Interestingly that was what this piece was about; God’s love for us and His wedding with us in the future. I always admired artists that could portray their religious beliefs into something as professional as art. I always worried that if I were to express my religious opinions in something that I love to do, it would be looked down upon. It was nice to see christianity so plainly displayed out in the open with confidence. This piece encouraged me because I knew what Hyeri Kim’s message was; what she wanted people to understand. I feel that Hyeri wanted people to know that God is and will always be our greatest and first love. It is hard to feel this without actually reading what the piece was about which what I did when I looked around the room. After reading it I could really understand Kim’s heart and I wish I had the chance to speak with her but she did not seem to be at the table during the time that I was walking around the room. However, I appreciate this week’s art gallery much more that any others.


Week 15: Classmate Interview – Branden Saito

This week I spoke to Branden Saito, a fellow third year here at CSULB. Branden is an information systems major that switched over from computer engineering. He has always liked computers but wanted to do something with business as well. After switching majors, he says he feels like a freshman again. We found out we both played golf in high school and surprisingly, Branden played on a team that my team played against during high school (Branden played for Marina and I played for Cypress). This means there was a chance that we had met during high school which I found to be interesting and exciting. Branden was an active child when he was little. He used to play baseball for 9 years but he got bored of it and moved over to golf in high school. Having a conversation was relatively easy with Brandon because we had common interests like playing golf and playing video games online.

Week 13: Artist Interview – Jeff Dulla

This week I saw this piece and was drawn to it by its wide variety of colors. I really liked it until I started to notice what the shapes were and what the overall piece looked like. As the name of the piece says, the canvas looked like utter chaos. Natural disasters yet the colors made it look beautiful. This piece helped me understand that something that can be perceived as ugly can be portrayed as something beautiful. That’s what I loved about this piece and to be perfectly honest this was the only piece that really caught my attention and I am really glad I had the chance to examine it. Props to Dulla for this beautiful piece.


Week 13: Classmate Interview – Lindsey Karasawa

This week I had the pleasure of meeting second year, Lindsey Karasawa. Just from first impression, I could tell she is social and outgoing. Most people that I have talked to so far, have been somewhat awkward (not to offend anyone). However, it was fairly easy to talk to Lindsey. She is a nutrition and dietetics major at CSULB and says that she has always had a passion for picking foods, mainly because she was very picky as a child. Learning what each foods can do for the human body actually got her interested in the science behind food. This occurred in high school. As well as wanting to know about healthy foods, she likes fitness as well. She played high school basketball up until senior year in high school when she then dropped it because she did not feel like playing that year. I asked her how she felt about her current classes in college, she said they are very time consuming. Lindsey has two jobs outside of school. One as a receptionist at an optometrist and the other at an insurance company. Having to juggle two jobs and school is difficult but as far as I could see, she could handle it. However, because of her busy schedule she does not have much time to herself. But when she does get her rare chances for down time, she says she likes to hang out with her friends. As far as her career is concerned she says she wants to go into the clinical aspect of nutrition, for example, how certain foods can better ones health and she says she would also like to work with kids nutrition and health in the future as well. As a random fact, Lindsey has two siblings; a younger brother, age 16, and younger sister, age 14.

Week 12: Activity Feedback

My three favorite activities were plastercasting, spray painting, the one where we chose our own activity. The reason I liked these activities were that they were all hands on activities. I liked being able to do something related to art rather than taking photos or going somewhere to simply look at art. The three activities were customizing my wordpress, landscapes, and, believe it or not, spraypainting. Landscapes and wordpress did not make any sense to me I had no idea how to get started. With soraypainting, yes I liked it but I did not like the fact that I had to spend money to get full credit on a project. The class was pretty chill. There was not much demanded from us other than spending time out of our week to go to a beach to complete tasks. Other than that I did learn to appreciate art more. I think giving students an alternative to activities like spraypainting or plastercasting would make the class a little more stress free. For example for spray painting our names in bubble letters could have been drawing and coloring in with pencils and crayons or markers. People that are not that into art might not want to spend time and money on a class that makes them feel as if that is the only way to get a good grade. Just a suggestion.

Overall art 110 was a time to relax and just have a good time with friends for me. So there is not much else for me to say. Thanks for a great semester glenn.

Week 12: Classmate Interview – Tyler Hirata

This week I interviewed Tyler Hirata. Tyler is currently a 3rd year in CSULB. He tells me one of his hobbies is photography and when I saw some of his pieces I was amazed. It was really interesting to see the shots he made, they were very well thought out in terms of placement and camera angling. Tyler is a leader of a christian club on campus and I could tell he has a pure faith in God. Another one of Tyler’s hobbies is to shoot airsoft guns in his backyard. I have never actually shot one but I have shot an actual gun at a gun range and it was quite thrilling. Tyler says he usually enjoys hanging out with friends and I could tell that he is a social and outgoing person. Tyler seems to have many sides to him and it was a great pleasure getting to know him. I believe Tyler was one of the few people during this class that I was truly comfortable talking to.

Week 12: Activity – Teach One

For this activity I want to teach how to draw a disney character such as Olaf from Frozen. I actually remember drawing this at Disneyland and I thought I would try my best to teach how to draw him. It was actually more difficult than I thought because at Disneyland, all I had to do was copy the instructor. Actually doing it by hand and off memory was a lot harder. It goes to show that drawing art is much more than just looking at something and being able to imitate it but it is more about how you draw things and make things your own. I found it difficult because I was trying to remember how a certain person was drawing Olaf, which was the purpose of the teaching but if I had really wanted to make that drawing mine, I would have added touches of my own and it would have been easier to make an actual piece that looks normal rather than something as shown in the cover photo.