Week 12: Artist Interview – Timothy Cooper

This week’s artist was Timothy Cooper and his piece “Something that means Something.” He says “These plates carry a resonance that all objects did at one time serve a practical, personal, or communal need,” and I believe this to be very true. In a very simplistic view, these plates served every person’s needs when they were hungry. The first thing I thought of, when I saw this piece, was lots of food on each plate. The reason for this is that I love food. It is interesting because although they are just plates, being in an organized structure and set up in this way makes it art. Art can be made from every day necessities such as these plates and this was Cooper’s goal with this piece I believe. I enjoyed looking at this piece and the lighting in the room certainly did much more good for the piece than bad.


Week 11: Activity – Landscape without the corpse

This week was our activity of choice and I chose to go hiking and take a picture of nature at its finest. In the picture you will see a picture of hermit falls, a place where you can relax and even swim after a long struggling hike. I have always loved looking at scenery especially if it was beautiful. I like to see mother nature at its best and really soak in the beauty. Now, in this picture there is not much to look at but when I was actually there, I felt so much calm and peace staring into the water. For me, as someone who was there when the picture was taken, brings back the same emotions by just looking at the photo. I guess you could say that this activity was more of a landscape photo, without the corpse. I enjoyed the serenity of the project very much and would like to do it again very soon.

Week 11: Classmate Interview – Savannah Cheung

This week I had the pleasure of talking with Savannah who is a first year at CSULB. She is undeclared but is wanting to become an interior design major. Doing theater in high school and seeing the designs for stage setups was interesting for here and caught her eye. On her down time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends by watching movies, eating, and playing video games. She says she is taking art mainly as a GE. She wants to explore as many classes as possible before she actually settles on interior design. She was on the track team in high school which I thought was interesting because I did not see her as that type of person when I first saw her. It just shows that one can never judge a book by its cover. It was very nice talking to Savannah and I hope she continues to follow her endeavors.

Week 11- Artist Interview: Wesley Hicks

This week I interviewed Wesley Hicks. In his gallery, there were many strange pieces. Othewise known as “abstract.” When I looked at this piece in particular, the first thing that came to mind were little prizes that could be on in the little machines where you put a quarter into a slot and you twist a knob in order for it to come rolling down the chute.Again, art is bringing about fond memories of my childhood that I wish to cherish. It still amazes me that art works in this way. Now, many of these objects, as seen in the picture, have different shapes and some of them even resemble objects seen in our daily lives. For example, one could say that the second to last object on the bottom right corner looks like a baseball bat. The ambiguity leaves this piece open for discussion and conversation which is nice.

Week 10: Artist Interview – Almira Nikravesh


Just looking at this piece made drop my jaw in awe. Why? I could feel the artists frustration while building this piece. Anyone can see that this piece truly tested the artist’s patience. What I know is that I would not have the patience to build something that would take so much precision and time. Stacking that many pennies in such a way must have been extremely difficult. I could not help but imagine what it would be like if someone were to just kick this sculpture to the ground… How terrified would I be if I saw my own piece destroyed. It was hilarious to see almost everyone amazed by this piece. For me, rather than the artistic value I was amazed by the raw dedication to build something that requires so much attention and effort. Not saying that other piece do not have attention and effort, but things like this really can make someone stress out to the point where they want to pull their own hairs out. I could practically see and feel my own frustration as I imagined myself making this piece.

Week 10: Classmate Interview – Marie Mendez

This week I had the privilege of interviewing fellow classmate and third year, Marie Mendez. Marie is still undeclared, like I am, and is debating between child development and rec and leisure. Marie loves working with children and she works at an afterschool daycare. As a result of telling me that she loves working with children, I proceeded to ask her how many children she would like to have in her future and she said three with a girl being her first child. Marie is an active person. She likes to go hiking, to the beach or just hanging out with her friends. She also likes playing soccer and says she played in high school. Marie was so good, in fact, that she had received a scholarship for soccer but she did not accept it because at the time she felt that she wanted to move on from soccer. But, now she explains that she misses it very much. As a fun fact she boasts that she was able to juggle the soccer ball two-hundred times. She tells me that she is often times underestimated or judged by her “cover.” Not many people would think her to be an artistic or creative person but Marie tells me she likes how creative art can be and has always liked art. She even told me that her mom used to tell her she would make things related to art, all the time as a young girl. It was a pleasure getting to know Marie and I hope we get to talk more in the future.

Week 10: Landscapes with a Corpse

In this project, I basically took a picture of myself, dead. It was a super quick shot, but when it was taken, I found it quite hard to decide how to lay there in order to look like I was actually dead. If you look at the picture it kind of of just looks like I am sleeping. With the pillows, the blanket and what-not. Besides that, this picture lacked any real props to make this picture really look believable but the oddly placed pillows and the remote control thrown next to me seem like they could point to my death; maybe. I’ve always imagined what it would be like for someone to die in their own living room. You always see it in movies but you never really see it happen for real. We see home as some place safe. It is a safe haven for a lot of young children and even young adults but things like this can happen and it was interesting to think about what would I do if I were to see someone lying on the floor dead in their own home.