Week 4 Classmate conversation: Rachel Peng

This week I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Rachel Peng (the girl directly in front of me). We had previously known each other from a prior encounter while Rachel was still in high school and I was in my first year in college. She had agreed to adopt my stray kitten. I say stray because I had found the kitten in my back yard and decided to take care of it for 2 weeks. However, this is a story for another time. Rachel is a first year here at CSULB and is going into pre-nursing. She understands that this major is impacted and is determined to try her best. She even has a back-up plan in case directly going into Nursing becomes impossible.

Initially, I had asked Rachel general questions about herself. Such as, “What do you like to do” or “What kind of hobbies do you have?” Most of these questions were answered with “I don’t know.” and some laughter. Eventually we had come to a conclusion that she just “goes with the flow.” In a matter of speaking, she is a spontaneous individual. I took the liberty of reading her blog post about what she thought of our interaction and it seems that we do not have a lot in common, or so she says. I, personally, cannot not agree with this opinion because we only had conversations on very generic topics and they were topics that any two individuals could have different opinions on, like we had.

In regards to art, Rachel feels she can appreciate art and its many obscure aspects. In this sense, I feel that we are different. I do not really care much for art. Not saying that I dislike it, I merely feel that I do not have a passion for art and its many forms. As the two of us walked around all 3 galleries we found one that both of us enjoyed. It was the piece with pink fur on the walls and many fish hooks coming down from the ceiling. Not many words were shared but we both enjoyed the piece and felt that it was the most normal out of all the pieces in all the galleries.


Week 3 Artist Interview

This piece was created by Tricia E. Rangel. The unusual positioning of the dirt sculptures initially caught me off guard. However, after further observations, I realized that this art piece was truly a piece of art. In my eyes the dirt looked like a small village or a model of a village. Although this art was not my own creation, I still felt rather proud for the artist.

Week 3 Classmate Interview: Kevin Pham

This week I interviewed Kevin Pham. Kevin is a third year at CSULB and is a Computer Engineering Major. He lives in Fountain Valley and commutes to school. Currently, Kevin is 19 years old. Kevin enjoys bodyboarding, lifting weights, and playing basketball. I asked Kevin why he wanted to be a Computer Engineer and he replied that his mom was an Electrical Engineer and ever since he was little he took a great interest in anything in the engineering field. Kevin estimates that he bodyboards at least three times a week and he loves the ocean. He says you can either find him at the beach, school, work, or the gym.

Kevin currently works at a electronic cigarette  shop in Santa Ana called Underground Vapors. He enjoys helping people trying to quit smoking cigarettes and cigars and turn them into a more healthy alternative. I asked him about what he thought about the laws and health warnings being labeled against electronic cigarettes. He replied that most of the testing done is conducted at ridiculous levels that no person would ever try. Officials are just trying to make it seem as worst as possible to outlaw electronic cigarettes.


In this week’s activity, many students posted up 4 instagram photos. Many of the photos consisted of food, activities, selfies and daily tasks or daily routines. These are the types of interests students have today. Whether it is good food like tacos or some exotic cuisine there are people that must always take a photo of what they are eating. The same applies to people that like to take selfies. No matter where they are, be it a classroom, or a public restroom, these people always find time to take a selfie. They are unashamed of what they enjoy doing. I found myself uploading pictures of the like and I can say that there is a community. A community of like-minded people who share common interests. We all have and live different lives\lifestyles but we also have at least one person that enjoy the same things we do.


This week, I chose to write about an art piece made by Evan Trine. Trine uses photography and printmakers to alter paintings. The goal in these pieces is to alter the image such that the viewer is confused about his/her opinion. I, myself, must admit that I was rather frustrated and confused while looking at this piece. From the get-go I had no idea what the painting was and all I saw were bright colors and it seemed to be just a picture taken with an infrared lens. From the time I looked at it, to the time I left the gallery, I had no idea what the piece was about. Then after reading the “Artist Statement” on the GLAMFA website, I could make out an actual picture behind all the colors. I still do not know exactly what the painting is, but I would like to say that it is a parking structure. I am absolutely sure that it is a building, but do not take my word for it. I can confidently say that Evan Trine had achieved what he has been striving for, which was/is “to create a contemplative experience for the viewer – one that is sparked by tension and confusion”. 


Alex Lo was the classmate that I interviewed this week in ART 110. Alex is a second year here at CSULB and is a kinesiology major.  He graduated from San Gabriel high school and one thing he likes to do in his free time is weight lift. We both share a love for weight lifting and before we even started a conversation, I have a feeling we both knew this about each other. Alex says he initially was a body builder but now he is more interested in becoming stronger. To do this, Alex started powerlifting which consists of lifting very heavy weight for very few reps. His eating habits are typical of someone who is fitness enthusiast; chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli, etc. As an interesting fact, Alex rides a hot pink colored penny board to get around school. He finds it very convenient.

I had asked him what art was to him and he replied by saying that it was a “form of expression that comes in different styles”. As a follow-up I asked Alex what type of art form would he choose if he wanted to make it his hobby/career. He said that he would choose dance.

Alex and I did not have much time to talk to one another but because we had similar interests it was fairly easy to get to know him. Anyone could tell that either were fitness junkies because of the limited amount of topics we had to talk about during our interview of each other. It was a pleasure getting to know Alex.